Awesome Stuff in the Mail

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I’m quite excited.  I have three amazing things in the mail right now that should be arriving late this week or next week.

The first big thing is a new MacBook Pro!  Mine had another hardware crash and they are sending me a new one.  I honestly think I got the worst MacBook Pro ever made based on the amount of things that had gone wrong with it.  3 hard drive crashes, 2 hard drive replacements, screen replacement, new logic board, 2 video card replacements, new usb ports, new keyboard, and now the disc drive has gone out.  That is not normal for a Mac, I’m sure of it.  Anyways, they are sending me a brand new one!  My hard drive is jumping from 120 to 500, ram 2gb to 4gb, and the processor is increasing in speed as well.  I am very very happy and anxious for it to get here.  I plan on moving all of the information on my external to the new computer and turning the 1tb external into a Time Machine.

I already deactivated my Adobe CS3 license and deauthorized my old computer’s itunes library so they will work on the new computer.  I hope there is nothing else I need to deactivate, I ran into that problem with Maya 2008 when it was sent off for a new screen and came back with new usb ports, new logic board, new screen, new video card, and new hard drive.  Maya doesn’t recognize it as the same computer anymore.  I bought a legitimate copy and I can’t even use it, it really sucks.  When the new computer comes I’m going to try installing it again and if it still won’t take I’m calling up Autodesk to explain the situation and hopefully they will reset the key code.

The other two items in the mail are software.  Zbrush and Corel Painter.  I don’t know which I’m more excited about between the two.  I was supposed to get them 4 months ago, but better late than never.

When the new computer comes installing all my software again is going to be fuuun.  And by fun I mean take FOREVER!  Between CS3 Master Collection, Maya, and World of Warcraft I’m already looking at a full day.  Not to mention I need to transfer all of my files and music library off the external.  Its going to be a time consuming process but will definitely be worth it.

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