Lovin’ Life and My New MacBook Pro!

Posted on by michele

I have been very busy this last week.  Between my internship, school starting, and adjusting to a new computer I have had time for little other.  With the start of school comes SIGGRAPH and Kinematifest planning, prep, and overall life consumingness (not a word, I know).  I have been working with wordpress to get a new site up for SIGGRAPH in time for the meeting this Wednesday.  At the rate I’m going it’ll be a miracle if it gets done, but stranger things have happened.  I am sure I will get it done, but there will be no sleep involved.

My new computer came and I LOVE it.  The only problem is this darn pinch zoom on the touch pad.  It doesn’t work right when I want it to and when I’m just web browsing all of a sudden the screen will basically explode, and by that I mean zoom in 400% without any warning.  All of my software is installed, except Zbrush which is still in the mail.  Painter did come, and its amazing.  I’m using it to do the background for the SIGGRAPH website.  Its coming along nicely thus far.

Well, thats all the time I have to update right now.  Back to work.

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