Nearly Two Months Later…

Posted on by michele

This is why I am a horrible blogger… I am too busy to update.

Lets see, since my last post my Zbrush did come but I have not has as much time with it as I would have liked.  Also, an update to the OS fixed that pinch zoom on my laptop.

My birthday is tomorrow, which is extremely exciting.  As a present I got an iPhone.  Excitement!  The pinch zoom on the phone does not bother me at all, hehe.

I’m in the process of redoing my website somewhat.  I’m sticking with the same layout, the lion head in the top left, but the content is getting redone.  When I’m done the site will be all .php pages rather than html.  I have discovered the art of includes and I love them!  Wow do they make life simpler.

Speaking of website, I have news on professional side of things as well. 1) I might have three freelance gigs in the works.  *fingers crossed*  Heres hoping they all go through.  VFS tuition won’t raise itself. 2) I might be going into business with one of my friends.  We are trying to figure out a name for the LLC right now.

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