Blogging Fail

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And one year later I remember I have this and to post on it.  I should really work on becoming a better blogger, or just delete this thing.  I assume its because I have trouble thinking of things to write that I want the whole world to know.  Its hard being a private person in a time of blogging, Twitter, Facebook, and the tens of thousands of other sites out there to give friends, as well as random strangers, a window into your life.  The window I’m referring to is of course that computer screen you are looking at right now in order to read this…or phone screen if you are reading this from a mobile device.  Speaking of mobile devices, they really do allow us to be accessed by people any time of the day or night.  My iPhone is attached to my hip at all times.  I’ve been told I rely too heavily on it, but in a time of technology and constant interaction how can one not be.  Jokingly, I’ve replied, “I need to be dependent on the internet… That’s where my friends live.”  How true is that now a days?  Can you truly be a person’s friend if you aren’t Facebook friends?  We have become dependent on these websites for survival, they are our lives.

So, if my life exists on the internet why is it so hard to share my life on a blog?  Maybe because I doubt anyone will ever take the time to read this.  Why would they, its far more than a 140 character update appearing on their chosen Twitter client.  Blogs are online journals, often novel lengths.  Do people take the time out of their hectic lives to read essays and books anymore?  I’d like to think so.  Even though I don’t find the time doesn’t mean others don’t.  That is one other thing technology is making easier.  No one needs to touch the nasty pages of a library book or take the  drive to their local bookstore.  No more smelling of the pages of a brand new book.  Now books have gone digital as well.  Wether its a Kindle, Nook, or whatever other eReader you choose to use, paper is slowly going to the sidelines.  My chosen eReader?  I would have to go with the Kindle iPhone app.  I read on my iPhone, because reading on a computer screen all day wasn’t bad enough on my eyes.

My parents live in such a different time.  My father, a man who has trouble accessing the internet on my mother’s laptop.  How hard is it really?  He somehow managed AOL… yet Google Chrome running on Windows XP is too challenging.  Its strange thinking there are generations out there who have never issued a single Tweet or Facebook post.  That’s where life is shifting.  Soon even groceries will need to be ordered online.  Where will my father be then?  Probably starving somewhere.

So yes, my life is online, yet I fail at posting a simple blog post more than once in the three hundred sixty five and a fourth days it takes the earth to make its journey around the sun.  Well, looks like I have something to work on for the next three sixty five.  Maybe that can be a new years resolution: blog more.  Speaking of, there are Christmas decorations in the stores now.  Halloween was just a couple weeks ago right?  Not even that, a week and a half maybe.  I passed a Walgreens the other day and saw Christmas trees in the windows.  Its just sad.  Doesn’t time pass fast enough?  It is silly to help it move along.  Take the time and enjoy where we are right now.  Thanksgiving hasn’t even passed yet.  I want to get through November before December enters my thought pattern.

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  1. Becky says:

    I’m glad youre’ blogging again.


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