Destination Vancouver

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Wow, its hard to believe its almost two weeks since Kristin and I arrived in Vancouver. The first week was filled with chaos and trying to get the apartment to a livable condition. The second went by quickly because of SIGGRAPH, but that will be another entry. I don’t want this one to become novel length.

We arrived to Vancouver on Sunday afternoon. After we got our student visas we made our way to the Holiday Inn. We were all too tired to go get food so dinner consisted of complimentary cookies and soda from the vending machine. I was the only one with Canadian coin so sodas were on me at this point. The next morning we went to the hotel’s free breakfast. It was subpar at best. There was a nice pancake making machine, but it didn’t make up for what they claimed to be omelets. Blending ingredients into an unrecognizable paste and smearing it on eggs is not an omelet in my opinion. After breakfast we went to IKEA and got chairs, beds, mattresses, and various other things for the apartment.

It took two taxis to get all of our purchases and luggage from the hotel to the apartment. Kristin’s mom went ahead with the IKEA things while we checked out and loaded the suitcases into taxi #2. She was quite a sight sitting on the curb surrounded by random pieces of wood and IKEA bags. Kristin and I got to put together our own beds. We did a good job, except I fell through mine twice.

A note about apartments in Vancouver… there is no AC. What is with that? Thankfully the awesome apartment people gave us a fan. We also got some clip on fans at the Loony store for our beds. A Loony store is a Dollar store. The dollar coin is a loon. A two dollar coin is called a Toony.

The apartment is basically stocked now. Our moms came up with us to help with everything. We’ve got it in a bit of a mess right now though… tomorrow is cleaning day for sure.

Our moms left last Friday, two days before SIGGRAPH. I finally broke down a little with some tears. Despite the problems my mom and I have we both love each other very much. I’ve been video chatting with my mom, dad, and grandma fairly often during the last week. I’m all impressed that they are figuring out technology. There are still a few bumps in the road though. Last night we used Google+ Hangout for the first time. That is a great feature Google created there.

I’ve uploaded quite a few pictures to my Facebook profile if anyone is interested in seeing them.

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