New Site, New Life, New Country

Posted on by michele

Today my site has officially come back online after being under development as I gave it a complete overhall. I am very happy with the final result. Although… now I need to incorporate Google+ and the +1 into it. Thanks, Google, for giving me work to do. 😛

It has been very busy lately. This is my last week at the job I’ve had since Spring 09. After that I will have 3 short weeks left in St. Louis before getting on a plane and going to Vancouver for a year. I will be going to study 3D Animation & Visual Effects for a year! After that its off to the West Coast to hopefully landing a job at ILM, Rhythm & Hues, Sony, or one of the other major companies.

Its a scary and exciting time for me. I’m leaving a lot of people I care about behind, but the horizon looks sunny and bright. The future has a lot in store and I’m making the first step towards it.

Its going to be strange living in a country that doesn’t celebrate 4th of July or Thanksgiving though… I’m still making my turkey dinner I don’t care if the country recognizes it or not.

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