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I’m a little late posting about SIGGRAPH 2011… but better late than never really. I must warn you though, this will be a rather short entry.

SIGGRAPH 2011 was probably my favorite since my first SIGGRAPH in 2007. It seem to capture the awe and wonder of that first SIGGRAPH I experienced. The Exhibition was great, the swag was great, and most importantly the networking was great.



Lino DiSalva
My VFS advisor managed to get us in to see this even though we aren’t actually active students yet. Yay! It was awesome. The next day we went up to him at the Disney booth and got his contact information. He seems like a really awesome guy.

Dessert Buffet… omg… was AWESOME! That needs to be there every single year.

Pictures from SIGGRAPH are available to view on my Facebook & Flickr accounts. Both are friends only to view so send me a message if you want access.

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