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I’m a little late posting about SIGGRAPH 2011… but better late than never really. I must warn you though, this will be a rather short entry. SIGGRAPH 2011 was probably my favorite since my first SIGGRAPH in 2007. It seem to capture the awe and wonder of that first SIGGRAPH I experienced. The Exhibition was great, the swag was great, … Continue reading

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Destination Vancouver

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Wow, its hard to believe its almost two weeks since Kristin and I arrived in Vancouver. The first week was filled with chaos and trying to get the apartment to a livable condition. The second went by quickly because of SIGGRAPH, but that will be another entry. I don’t want this one to become novel length. We arrived to Vancouver … Continue reading

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New Site, New Life, New Country

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Today my site has officially come back online after being under development as I gave it a complete overhall. I am very happy with the final result. Although… now I need to incorporate Google+ and the +1 into it. Thanks, Google, for giving me work to do. 😛 It has been very busy lately. This is my last week at … Continue reading

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New Design Coming

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This will be the last post for a while.  Big surprise right?  I barely update once a year… At least you are getting a warning this time! I’m working on a new website design.  It will be a modification of my current site at, except this blog will be built in.  The working design is below.  I’d love to … Continue reading

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Blogging Fail

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And one year later I remember I have this and to post on it.  I should really work on becoming a better blogger, or just delete this thing.  I assume its because I have trouble thinking of things to write that I want the whole world to know.  Its hard being a private person in a time of blogging, Twitter, … Continue reading

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Nearly Two Months Later…

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This is why I am a horrible blogger… I am too busy to update. Lets see, since my last post my Zbrush did come but I have not has as much time with it as I would have liked.  Also, an update to the OS fixed that pinch zoom on my laptop. My birthday is tomorrow, which is extremely exciting. … Continue reading

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Lovin’ Life and My New MacBook Pro!

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I have been very busy this last week.  Between my internship, school starting, and adjusting to a new computer I have had time for little other.  With the start of school comes SIGGRAPH and Kinematifest planning, prep, and overall life consumingness (not a word, I know).  I have been working with wordpress to get a new site up for SIGGRAPH … Continue reading

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Awesome Stuff in the Mail

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I’m quite excited.  I have three amazing things in the mail right now that should be arriving late this week or next week. The first big thing is a new MacBook Pro!  Mine had another hardware crash and they are sending me a new one.  I honestly think I got the worst MacBook Pro ever made based on the amount … Continue reading

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New Blog

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Hey all.  I wanted to dive into the world of CMS systems and I figured setting up a blog on my hosting account would be a good place to start.  I will be using this blog strictly for information regarding updates in relation to design, development, modeling, and other creative stuff.  The main update right now is that this actually … Continue reading

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